It’s our last day of treatments!!! Well almost, Kim will be returning once per week in order to have about three hours of treatments for at least a month. We will know more after she has her cancer markers drawn next Thursday. But Dr. Buttar said that she is doing great. This week has been going really well. Kim went to the dentist on Tuesday and had the rest of her mercury fillings removed. She returned to the dentist yesterday for a cleaning, which also went fine. While there we also learned from the dentist that mercury fillings get rid of all the good bacteria in your gut. We were told by Kim’s doctors at clinic that she had no good bacteria in her colon which probably had a lot to do with her development of colon cancer. Even if you take a probiotic daily, you are wasting your money if you have mercury fillings in your mouth. For your health, please have the fillings removed as they cause so much damage to your body.

When visiting a homeopathic last weekend, cavitations (A cavitation is a hole in the bone, often where a tooth has been removed and the bone has not filled in properly) were found in two of her teeth. We were also given a chart that shows each tooth and what area of the body could develop problems due to issues in that tooth. Amazingly enough the teeth Kim has cavitations in correlate with large intestine problems and right shoulder problems. Kim had colon cancer and has a frozen shoulder on her right side. We are hoping that with ozone therapy this will be resolved and lead to relief in her shoulder and that her cancer will not return. She will undergo 5 weeks of ozone therapy by her dentist here when she comes to receive treatments from Dr. Buttar.

Throughout this process we have learned so much. We have came into contact with people whose mission is health and they have taught us so much. We also met many people being treated at Dr. Buttar’s clinic and heard the success stories. Kim is now a walking success story as well. We feel so blessed after this journey, having the opportunity to spend a month together and grow closer. We also feel healthier and are so ready to be back home sleeping in our own beds!! Stay tuned for the rest of our journey, who knows where God is taking is next.

Kim and Dr. Buttar’s discussing her treatments and what’s next.



Happy Tuesday everyone! Me and mom are both on the countdown here in Cornelius, as we are both very homesick and ready to be back to our normal lives. I know that we will go back changed in so many ways, ready to share our knowledge and lessons that we’ve learned in the past month back to everyone back home. Who knows where this journey will lead us to next?

Right now I’m at the apartment waiting on Kim to have more dental work complete. She visited a naturopath over the weekend who found she still had some mercury in her mouth and the dentist here, Dr. Godley (who is excellent by the way, only 7 doctors in the entire world have completed the training he has to do this kind of work, we would highly recommend him if you are looking to have mercury fillings removed) was able to get her in this week to have them removed. She should be finished around 1 and I will go pick her up for clinic.

Last week Kim met with Dr. Buttar who gave her great news. He said that if her labs and cancer markers continue to look as they do now then she will not have to return to his clinic!! Only one other patient he has treated before was able to do this. It shows how amazingly blessed we have been and validates that Kim made the right decision about what treatment to use.

I asked her this morning how she was feeling now compared to when we first began. She told me that she felt stronger, had more energy, felt healthier, and felt better about herself. It has been a long physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual journey for the both of us.

We will let everyone know how the exit appointment with Dr. Buttar goes tomorrow.

Prayers and Lots of Love, Kim and Krystal

So here we are, starting our last week at clinic. As the weeks have gone by its been so powerful to feel as if you are in the presence of miracles. To see such sick people recover and hear personal testimonies has taken away any doubt we may have had in the beginning about this process. It makes me know that anything is possible and helped us to see our gifts that we can share with the world. I truly believe this is the beginning of something great.

The spaghetti dinner on Friday went great. Except for a lot of rain that poured down everything went as smooth as possible. Everything was a success and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our community. Thank you so much to everyone that was involved in the fundraiser in any way, large or small. The outpouring of love and support that I saw and felt on Friday and throughout this adventure has been so immense that at times it feels surreal. It fills our hearts with so much joy and gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you! God sure is good. We never could have done this without your prayers either! As we were getting ready for clinic the the other morning mom said to me that she feels well and healthy and that she can feel all the prayers, and knows they are working. We are forever grateful to everyone that has been on our path throughout this journey.

Below are some pictures from the fundraiser in case you missed it. Enjoy!






We have just gotten to clinic after Kim had 4 mercury fillings removed. Seeing the before and after pictures were amazing. The dentist did a great job removing the fillings and cleaning the decay under the fillings. He discussed with me the bacteria, viruses, and parasites that could have been living in her teeth and leaking toxins into her bloodstream. Kim is doing well, just relaxing in clinic under high sedation. Hopefully she will fall off to sleep soon and wake up feeling better. I know she’s relieved to have the dental work mostly complete.

She will be having another office visit with Jane at 9 in the morning. Kim’s mother and sister just arrived to stay with her as I will be leaving in the next few hours to head to Raleigh and go to a training for work. I know that she’s in good hands and it will be nice to have a break over the weekend. Also the spaghetti fundraiser will be at Kim’s Kids Daycare on Friday of this week. Hope to see everyone come out, get some dinner and visit with those that come to show their support. For more information on the dinner or to purchase tickets please contact Jayne Hughes at (919)938-9801.

Please be patient with the blog as I will not be updating while I’m not here. Look Monday for the latest on our journey. I’m having Sonya and Flossie keep good notes and keep me updated via email. I’ll do my best to pass this information on to our readers.

Prayers&Love Kim and Krys

It’s Monday and we are starting week 3. Kim is receiving IVs this morning and we are settling in at clinic. Kim was just talking with the nurse about this being the longest she has been away from home. In some ways the weeks have flew by but on the other hand it feels like at times the days have dragged by. I know before we know it we will be back home and back to our regular schedules. But when we get back home we will not forget the lessons and insight that we have gained throughout this journey. Health is a priority and will continue to be for the rest of our lives.

When Kim was first diagnosed with colon cancer on Valentines Day of this year it was shock to all of us. I remember leaving lunch that day after meeting with Mom and Dad and hearing those words. I was in shock at first, Kim was still a little out of it as she had just had her colonoscopy performed and Phillip was, well Phillip and continued to have a positive out look and didn’t seem worried at all.

Everything happened so fast with her surgery at Duke, her recovery from surgery and all the tests and overload of information we were given. It would have been easy to do whatever the doctors wanted and believe them to be the experts. I’m so grateful that we were contacted by family members and friends and God showed us another path to take. We’ve come a long way from that lunch at IHop on February 14th and I believe everyone we talked to and everything that was put in our path happened for a reason and lead us to where we are today.
After all, the good thing about bad things is they make way for better things.

The weekends always go too fast, whether we are here or at home. This past weekend was especially nice. We were able to spend quality time together to celebrate fathers day. We golfed, enjoyed nice meals out on the Lake, and just relaxed. This week I’ll be leaving on Thursday morning to attend a work conference and Kim’s mother, Pat or Grandma Flossie as we like to call her will be arriving with Kim’s sister Sonya on Wednesday afternoon to stay with her through the weekend. I know she’ll be in good hands while I take a little break to the beach.

Thank you for all your support and continued prayers throughout this process. We can feel the love even from miles away 🙂

Prayers&Love Kim and Krys


Officially at our halfway point after our short day today! So excited to have Phillip here today so that we can begin to honor and cherish him on this very special fathers day weekend! He’s been so supportive and caring throughout the whole process.

Kim’s appointment with Jane, the nurse practitioner, went well yesterday. We were not able to look at comparisons of cancer markers and lab work but she did review all her initial labs she had done before treatment. They looked pretty good, although although her levels of heavy metals were very elevated but we are hoping that by the end of treatment this month those levels will be much better. She also did not have any beneficial bacteria in her GI tract, which Jane reported to us was probably a big contributing factor in her development of colon cancer. She been started on several probiotics to address this issue as well. Her blood cell counts, including “cancer fighter cells” looked pretty good but the more the better and we are hoping these increase with treatments as well. Jane also remarked that her numbers looked as good as they do because she is starting treatment in pretty good health considering. She said that when patients arrive who have been through rounds of chemotherapy and radiation that their “baseline” of cells is much worse and the fight is much harder. She compared it “pushing a rock up a mountain” where Kim is instead just climbing a hill.

Kim is feeling well, she’s fully recovered from the AARSOTA shot. She is unable to get in hyperbaraics, for the rest of the week as the pressure has caused some mild bruising inside her ears. She was fine with this, since she’s so claustrophobic but we are hoping she’ll be able to continue the oxygen treatments next week. I’m going to get in the tank with her and see if that helps.

Have a great weekend everyone!!
Prayers&love Kim and Krystal

The waiting room here at clinic!

Yesterday Kim was given another dose of the AARSOTA injection. This was an increased dose as they will be increased each week. Her reaction this week was much different than last week. She experienced chills, fever, soreness at the injection site and all over her body. She did eat dinner but her stomach hurt and she had to lay in bed at 8pm on a heating pad to help with the pain. This morning she is still not feeling well, she is achy and fatigued. On a positive note this does indicate that the injection is doing something inside her body. We were also told that the second shot is usually the worst.

Today we meet with Jane, the nurse practitioner at 10 am. We should be comparing the cancer markers she had measured when she had labs done during her visit back in May. Her cancer markers were measured this week and we can now compare the results. Praying for a good news, we will update everyone in tomorrow’s blog post.

I also wanted to share that the other night we were out to dinner, relaxing and enjoying ourselves. We shared an amazing meal and time together. When we were finished the waitress brought over the dessert menu for us. For those of you that know Kim, you know she has always loved dessert. But since battling cancer she has eliminated processed sugar from her diet, as cancer cells love sugar and it causes them to grow at a rapid rate. She politely declined dessert, letting the waitress know she was fighting cancer and unable to indulge. The waitress told us that Kim was “the healthiest looking cancer patient she had ever seen.” She let us know that she would be praying for us and hoped to see us soon again for dinner.

Hopefully we can all take a lesson from this and attempt to decrease our sugar intake as well. The other day I was researching the benefits of green smoothies and found that people who drank them for two months stopped having sugar cravings. Kim has mentioned to me that she no longer craves sugar, but thought it was just in her head since she knows the importance of eliminating sugar for her survival. But now we know it’s not only her strong willpower but also the addition of green smoothies in her diet. I also learned that by blending the greens and fruits in the blender, the cell membranes of the plants are opened up and make them easier for the body to absorb. This instant nutrition leads to glowing hair, skin, nails, and increased energy. The most amazing part is what we can’t see and the healing that’s happening on the inside. Blood sugars are stabilized, digestion is regulated, toxins are cleansed out if the body, and you can expect fewer mood swings. I also read about a woman who lost 45 pounds just by adding a green smoothie to her daily diet! Do a little research yourself, you’ll be surprised at what you can find. I’ve always felt as if food is so important to our health and well-being and hopefully you are starting to feel the same 🙂

After all, Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine” said thousands of years ago:
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Prayers&love Kim and Krystal

Here is a list of the IVs Kim has been receiving (sorry its a day late!):

EDTA-pulls out heavy metals
DMPS-pulls out mercury
PALT-amino acid, and helps prevent the spread of metastatic disease
DNAOR-benefits the immune system and intracellular metabolism
Vitamin C-antioxidant
Vitamin C+MC1-same benefit as Vit C as well as further alkalinizing the entire system
Glutathione-natural antibiotic activity and antioxidant
Ozone-detoxification of organic pollutants
Miss-antiviral and antibacterial IV
Mineral-replaces any nutrients drawn out from chelating
UFAM-another type of nutritional IV
H202–immune enhancing
Lipoid+MC2-reestablish optimum liver function for better detoxification ability
MTE1-boosts endocrine system
MTE2-boosts immune system
MTE3-stimulates lymphatics
MTE5-helps the body detox persistent organic pollutants
MTE6-clears the body of Miasm’s
MTE8-works along with EDTA, and DMPS to detox heavy metals
MTE9-anti parasitic works along with Miss and Ozone
MTE10-antiviral works along with Miss and Ozone
MTE11-antibacterial works along with Miss and Ozone

Here’s Kim’s schedule for the weeks she is here:


Prayers&love Kim and Krys

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as we did. On Thursday night Kim’s husband Phillip and best friend Kathy arrived here to give me a break and spend time with mom over the weekend so I could spend some time at home in Raleigh. Clinic went well on Friday, these are early days and they were finished by 12:30. Over the weekend Kim, Phillip, and Kathy traveled twenty minutes to uptown Charlotte for a food festival. They also spent the weekend listening to live music and enjoyed exploring the city with each other.

One thing that continues to inspire me is the radiant health and high energy levels Kim is emanating on a daily basis. I know that if we had decided to go with conventional treatment and I was caring for her through the weeks of radiation and months of chemo Duke had encouraged we wouldn’t be cooking meals together and exploring any cities. She would be lucky to be able to keep food down and be able to leave the house. I can see the treatments here building her up rather than breaking her down and for that we are forever grateful.

Tomorrow I will be posting the list of IV treatments and their purpose so stay tuned as many of you have been asking for this. Continue to pray not just for us but for the other patients here and their families.

Prayers&love Kim and Krys


Today was an earlier day for us as we had to take a visit to the dentist where Kim is having a mercury filling removed. Everything went well, but she is highly sedated from the procedure. We just arrived at clinic where she is sleeping. Right now she is receiving an IV infusion that stimulants her lymph system, after this one is finished she receives an IV infusion to detox her body from the mercury she was exposed to.

Dental fillings containing mercury are very dangerous and have been linked to dementia, birth defects, Alzheimer’s, and more. In fact mercury is one of the most toxic metals on earth. Only one filling was removed today but on June 20th we’ll return where she’ll have 4 removed.

The AARSOTA injection was tolerated fine yesterday. She does have some soreness at the injection site but other than that she did well. I honestly believe its because she doesn’t have any tumors in her body anymore so there’s nothing for the RSOTA to break up, but we’ll see in the weeks to come since the dosage will be increased every week.

She’s also been spending about an hour most days in hyperbarics. According to the Mayo Clinic’s website:

“In a hyperbaric oxygen therapy room, the air pressure is raised up to three times higher than normal air pressure. Under these conditions, your lungs can gather up to three times more oxygen than would be possible breathing pure oxygen at normal air pressure.
Your blood carries this oxygen throughout your body, stimulating the release of substances called growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing.”

From what we’ve been learning here cancer can’t survive in a highly oxygenated environment so the more oxygen in Kim’s cells has the better chance the cancer cells will die off. She’s been somewhat claustrophobic in the tank but has done her best to receive the treatment as she knows the importance of it.

That’s all for today, keep praying.

Prayers&love Kim and Krys